Native content

Here at Health Marketing we specialize in producing and promoting Native Content -which is paid content- to publishers (news portals).
Native content is structured in such a way that it appears as content of the portal itself.

In particular, Native Content is the paid content that is posted on a website and follows its format and functionality. The criteria that determine it are:

A. Matching design to the site that is being posted

B. Adaptation to the reading criteria of the site’s target audience.

Advantages of Native Content

Content Marketing leads to your site users who are directly interested in your message and your services.

In other words, it achieves targeted inbound traffic, which was optionally found on your site, not because of an ad, which it may have been clicked on by mistake.

  • Offers 40 times higher CTR (Click Through Rate) than traditional display ads (banners on websites)
  • Receives 53% more views than display ads.
  • 7 in 10 users prefer to be informed about services and products through content rather than traditional advertising.
  • Users spend 40% more time reading articles, especially when they contain infographics and videos
  • More than 500,000,000 online users use AdBlockers

Native Content Services

1. Promotion of articles in selected -based on our subject- news portals

  • Initial post in the NEWS section or in the FRONT PAGE of each website
  • Post in the news feed
  • Posting and remaining in the health section for a year

2. Promotion via Facebook pages of selected Publishers

  • Posts
  • Sponsored promotion of each article

3. Content creation

  • Copywriting: The idiosyncrasy of a text related to the medical field – in terms of language and style – makes it a difficult and demanding writing genre.
  • Creation of graphic designs and infographics that align with the goals of each customer
  • Video

Our team includes experienced journalists, with many years of expertise in the medical field, creative and graphic designers, as well as photographers and audiovisual (video) production team.

4. Media Relations

  • Promotion of interviews
  • Promotion of press releases

5. Consulting services

  • Native content strategy
  • Proposals for topics and subjects
  • Selection of suitable Publishers for each case
  • Reporting and analyzing of publication statistics