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Digital Marketing Services

Since the landscape in medical business has changed a lot in recent years and the Patient is no longer going to the Healthcare Provider, but rather the Healthcare Provider is reaching out to the Patient, your online presence on all digital channels is now needed!

At Health Marketing we know the way!

We offer digital marketing services, specialized in the medical field and tailored to the needs of each of our clients, with expertise and years of experience.

And what does a digital marketing strategy involve? It is the organization of your online presence across all available channels that align with the strategy we have designed, in a proper, methodical and effective way.

Our goal:

  • to highlight the Trusted Healthcare Provider, its specialties and its competitive advantages, reinforcing its reputation both for its existing audience and for new customers.
  • to increase its recognition to an audience as large as possible.
  • to increase traffic to both its digital channels and its medical/physical patient service points.

In particular, our first step is the strategic design so that, by utilizing all the channels at our disposal, your message reaches as many people as possible, correctly and effectively.
The second step is the implementation, while always taking into account your needs and the target audience.
The third step is the analysis and evaluation of the results!


Digital Marketing Services that We Offer

In particular, at Health Marketing we specialize in:


  • Content Marketing and Production:

Whether we it is about text writing or visual content production (video, image, graphic) we have staff and associates specialized in the medical field.


  • Social Media Marketing:

Today it is necessary – more than ever – for the Health Care Provider to reach its audience through its presence on social media.


  • Google AdWords:

Due to the fact that approximately 8 in 10 patients seek online health information before visiting a doctor, Your ad enables you to show your service to those searching for it.


  • S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

And since it is, nowadays, the common rule to search for health information in search engines, it is necessary for your website to be optimized for them.


  • Email Marketing

It is a fact that email marketing has the highest ROI (Return On Investment) rate over all other digital means.