Consulting & Development


Our core value, our primary goal: The growth of your business! Given our many years of experience and networking in the medical field and in particular in the areas of Consulting & Development, at Health Marketing we are able to provide our clients with personalized and specialized solutions, always focused on their development.

  1. We recognize the rapid changes in the field of health, both in Greece and internationally. Changes that define a new ‘market’ and shape new codes of conduct.
  2. We effectively contribute to aligning our clients – promptly and safely – with new data, adapting their goals and expectations, and providing them with the right tools to capitalize on the new behavior patterns of their existing and potential clients.
  3. We identify opportunities together, adapt and respond
  4. We ensure that our customer is constantly strengthening his position and shielding his/her business growth and competitiveness
  5. We manage costs innovatively

We advise you in a practical and effective way.


We provide to you:

  • Marketing and Communication Consulting Services specialized in the Medical Industry
  • Development and management of your customer base
  • Organizing and arranging of professional networking with other Health providers.
  • Creating a Business Plan for a New or Existing Project.