Dr. Ioannis Gountakos

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Branding, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Video Marketing, Content Marketing

Project Description

Hearing, Balance, Breathing, Taste, Olfaction, Speech…

They are just some of the fields that Dr. Ioannis Gountakos – Otolaryngologist Surgeon deals with. Dr. Ioannis Gountakos specializes in the whole range of Otolaryngology and Rhinoplasty.

Based on this concept, Health Marketing designed the design of the new website, in a dynamic, animated and patient-friendly environment.

The portfolio of this project includes the following:

  • Branding (Name, logo, slogan)
  • Custom website design and implementation
  • Design and implementation of Digital Marketing strategy (creation and support of social pages, online advertising campaigns etc)
  • Video marketing
  • Content Marketing (medical articles for the website blog, creating graphic design for social media, etc)

Website Screenshots

Graphic Design