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Branding, Digital Marketing, Website Development

Project Description

“Excellent scientific expertise, Modern methods, Immediacy, Confidence”

These are just 4 of the key features of Dr. Ioannis Zoumbou, Urologist-Andrologist Surgeon and his new online project, Andrology Clinic. This project aims to provide medical services related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of andrological diseases, emphasizing in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

Health Marketing undertook -among other things- the design of corporate identity, as well as the custom design and construction of the new website of the Andrology Clinic which is a hospitable and friendly to the patient website, where he can find all the necessary information about his condition, but also to be informed by interesting medical articles.

The portfolio of this project includes the following:

  • Branding (Name, logo, slogan)
  • Custom web design and website implementation
  • Design and implementation of Digital Marketing strategy (creation and support of social media account, Online advertising campaigns etc)
  • Consulting
Andrology Clinic

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