Adapt to the new GDPR regulation

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become fully applicable across the EU since 25 May.

Any information that may lead alone or in combination to identifying a person constitutes personal data, whether collected by manual or automated means.

How aware are you of the actions you need to take in order to avoid coming up with surprise fines and complaints?

What steps have you taken to adapt your medical and physical and online stores to the new strict data protection framework (GDPR)?

Health Marketing has the solution and can adapt it to your needs, needs and abilities from start to finish, coordinating both the technical and legal part of the adaptation.

The package we recommend for you includes:

  • Full coordination of the actions of all stakeholders of your business on personal data (IT, IT, Security Service, consultants, HR etc.), depending on your organization chart.
  • Mapping the needs and current status of data processing in every part of your business.
  • Develop at all levels new technical and legal options for legal data processing based on the GDPR principle of legality.
  • Complete redesign of your business terms of use, privacy policy, civil protection policy and cookies policy.
  • Drafting of Codes of Conduct and their approval by the ASCPF, as well as Training of executives and staff in the new regulation, with the aim of fostering corporate culture.
  • Full support of your business by Data Protection Officer (DPO) with expertise in the field and flexible cooperation.
  • Design and development of an impact study on regular, systematic and large-scale processing of personal data and prior consultation with the ASCP by experienced DPOs.

There are solutions, and also expertise, but choosing the right associate is the key to absolute success and it is in your hands today.