All of us at Health Marketing, Medical Marketing Services have a vision to give a new concept to the term Medical Marketing and to… take off the communication with its patients and in general with its target audience for every Health Care Provider !
We offer personalized Medical Marketing Services, with years of experience and expertise in Consulting, Traditional Marketing, as well as Digital Marketing and the New Media!
From developing an expansion and communication strategy to building a functional and modern website, combined with building a strong social media presence, Health Marketing – with new ideas and approach – is your strategic development and communication partner.

Our team consists of experienced marketers, journalists with years of experience and expertise in the medical field, creative and graphic designers, as well as photographers and audiovisual production teams.



Since the beginning of 2000, Health Marketing’s team of dedicated staff has been instrumental in the development of leading Health Care Providers and the implementation of major health projects.



Our relationships with our customers are lasting and permanent. We focus on flexibility, on-going support, after-sales service, and on-the-go solutions for emerging needs.



What sets us apart are immediate and measurable results in terms of the goals we have set, but also in the development of our clients and affiliates in terms of Medical Marketing Services.



We strive for a Professional Networking Organization of Health Care Providers, with the aim of developing their ‘standing’ and increasing their clientele.



At Health Marketing we deal with the expansion of each of our partners individually. We tailor our knowledge, experience, expertise and service to suit his needs.

The elements that define us are the immediacy, efficiency and quality of our services and cost management. Elements that “create” and “shield” growth.

Today the Patient does not search for the Health Care Provider.
The Health Provider reaches out to the Patient! Health Marketing guides you to
the Patient effectively & you take care of his/her Health!